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Proper surface preparation is a key to solid performance

Rust, cracked, and loose coatings should be removed.  The surface should be properly primed prior to applying a Kynar Aquatec® PVDF resin-based coating.   Kynar Aquatec® licensees can provide specific guidance based on the substrate and the project.

General Guidelines

  • General:
    • Clean and dry surfaces, free of contaminations such as mildew, dirt, grease, oils, and any other contamination that can affect adhesion prior to application.
    • Remove loose, flaking or oxidized paint from surface by water blasting, wire brushing, grinding, or scraping.
  • Masonry: Properly cured, dry and free of laitance. Smooth and free of ridges and depressions.
  • Wood: Smooth surfaces, free of protruding nails, depressions, or raised edges. Fill damaged areas.
  • Stucco: Smooth, dry, and free of uneven joints between panels. Remove loose or powdery surfaces and repair as necessary. Allow new stucco to cure for 30 days prior to priming and painting.
  • Fiber Cement: Smooth, dry and free of uneven joints between units. Remove loose or peeling paint. Pressure wash surfaces as needed, and allow to dry for two days prior to priming and painting.
  • Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU): Fill voids and cracks and remove ridges and fins, leaving a smooth, clean surface.

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Here is a pictorial example of the proper way to prepare a façade for restoration.