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Superior Finishes, Inc.

Surperior Finishes, Inc. trusts Kynar Aquatec® PVDF Resin to achieve weather resistance and long-lasting gloss.

Whether it’s for windows, doors, roofs, bridges, tanks, indoor and outdoor machinery, or furniture, quality finishes are provided by Superior Finishes’ family of proprietary products. Superior Finishes produces quality, durable and long lasting finishes which maintain their gloss over time.

Superior Finishes Inc. is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of OEM industrial coatings located in Winnipeg, Canada and has been a licensee of Kynar Aquatec® PVDF since 2009.
Since 1906, the Guertin family has been manufacturing and delivering top quality industrial finishes with experience and knowledge being passed down from one generation to the next.
Today Superior Finishes Inc. remains true to the core principles passed down through the Guertin family; Quality, Weatherability, and Trust. Customer satisfaction is their top priority and they are focused on delivering high quality, cost effective products to their customers across North America.
With weatherability being a core principle of Superior Finishes, they developed their Opus® Water-Based PVDF paint technology, called the “Forever Paint” using Kynar Aquatec® PVDF resin.
This technology incorporates Kynar Aquatec® PVDF resin as the main resin component of the formulations ensuring the high PVDF levels that are needed to pass AAMA 2605, 615, and 625 performance standards. The resin technology coupled with other high performance ingredients, exacting manufacturing processes, and quality controls results in a truly high performance coating technology for OEM building component applications.
Opus® paint has gained wide acceptance in the window and door market because if it’s extreme resistance to chalking and fading and long lasting protection of the substrate.