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Acrymax Technologies, Inc.

Acrymax® provides innovative coating and roofing systems that offer high performance solutions and promotes the principals of environmental sustainability with their practices, without sacrificing the quality and properties of their Kynar Aquatec®-based products.

Acrymax® Brands made with Kynar Aquatec® resins

AF-4400 Fluoropolymer Coating

AF-4400 is a field applied fluoropolymer coating based on Kynar Aquatec® PVDF resin.  The additional flexibility built in to the AF-4400 makes it suitible for top coating elastomeric coatings.  AF-4400 finish coat can be applied over asphalt, concrete, single ply membranes, metal, and cementious siding primed with Acrymax's AF-130 series coatings or finished with an AF130 series complete system.

AF-5500 Fluoropolymer Coating

AF-5500 is an innovative coating based on Kynar Aquatec® fluoropolymer technology. The primary use for AF-5500 is as a protective and architectural coating over metal roofs. It provides excellent adhesion to metal roofs with factory applied fluoropolymer (PVDF) finishes. However, the increased hardness of the AF-5500 surface makes it an even better façade coating.

Discover Acrymax's latest project: Philadelphia Girl's Rowing Club


Situated low along the riverbank, the historic boathouse is subjected to wind-driven heavy rains and water from falls downstream. Extreme seasonal temperature fluctuations of the Mid-Atlantic region, the urban environment’s acid rain, and fine soot in the air are additional challenging weathering conditions.  For the roof topcoat, the AF-4400 Fluoropolymer coating based on Kynar Aquatec® PVDF was selected, which combines the flexibility of an elastomeric acrylic with the superior durability properties of the Kynar Aquatec® technology.  Read more.

Kynar Aquatec® is a registered trademark of Arkema Inc.
Acrymax® is a registed trademark of Acrymax Technologies Inc.