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Prima Coating 

Prima coating is formulating highly durable technical paints for the sectors of industry, building and Architectural coatings. These new coatings are designed with new functionalities in order to meet the economical challenges as well as environmental ones.

Inventing a new generation of paints
at the service of people and the planet

Prima Coating is a licensee of Kynar Aquatec® brands of PVDF resin.   All Kynar Aquatec® coatings are water-based, one-component coatings.  This outstanding color retention is achieved using a combination of Kynar Aquatec® PVDF resin with the highest quality pigments. 
For professionals in industry, construction, Cool Roof, Prima Coating formulates and manufactures technical paints, with high durability and new functionalities to meet current environmental and economic challenges.

The development of innovative, intelligent paints is at the heart of our missions, as is the search for tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Prima Coating attaches great importance to the selection of its raw materials. Quality, health & environment impact and origin are our primary criteria. This is why all the components used in the formulation of our paints are of French or European origin.

PrimaTherm® is the high-performance reflective coating from Prima Coating: made of innovative materials, it reflects almost all solar radiation. 
PrimaTherm® is specially formulated to protect buildings from heat gain from the sun. 

Applied on the roof, PrimaTherm® is a COOL ROOF coating (= cool roof) which reduces the interior temperature by 3 to 15°C in summer.
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