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Bostik Smart Technology Center, Venette, France

A Kynar Aquatec® based cool white roof coating was used for its outstanding and long lasting total solar reflectance on the roof of the Bostik Smart Technology Center located in Venette, France.

The Bostik R&D center located in Venette is not a typical application for installing a Kynar Aquatec® based cool roof solution as the building was quite new and qualified for a high energy performance rating when built in 2015.  Yet issues were raised by employees in 2016 regarding high temperature levels in their offices.  Bostik had to chose between installing an upgraded HVAC system, at a high purchase cost and subsequent increased energy bills or install a combination of air venting and painting their new black, bitumous roof cool white. "We made the choice that was best for the environment, we choose a cool white roof coating made with Kynar Aquatec® latex," stated Jean Michel Ledru, general service manager for the Bostik site.

The coating system included:

  • Two base coats of acrylic based paint
  • A top coat based on Kynar Aquatec® latex   k2952RgUVgntSYryi1d

The coatings were manufactured by Aximum and applied by Cool Roof France.