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There has been much publicity and heightened scrutiny in the news, in on-line media, and in regulatory discussions about Fluorinated Surfactants.  

We are happy to share the fact that Arkema utilizes a patented technology to manufacture the Kynar® PVDF resins for coating applications without the use of Fluorinated Surfactants - - a Fluorinated Surfactant Free manufacturing process - - or FSF®.

FSF Image

The Kynar 500® FSF® and Kynar Aquatec®
PVDF resin family includes:

Kynar 500® FSF®                                  Kynar Aquatec® ARC

Kynar 500® Plus                          Kynar Aquatec® FMA 

Kynar® ADS II                              Kynar Aquatec® CRX 

Kynar® SL II