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The Torii Gate story

A prominent sculpture in Hawaii

Located in the Honolulu, Hawaii, the Torii Gate Sculpture has been repainted.  Officially known as the Hiroshima to Honolulu Friendship Torii, it is a half-size replica of the famous Torii at Itsukushima Shrine in Japan.  This replica Torii was presented as a gift from Honolulu's sister-city, Hiroshima, where the original Torii is located. 

The extreme weather conditions in Hawaii, demand a coating that could endure the harsh weather conditions of Hawaii.  In fact, the Torii Gate had to undergo a repainting just 6 years after it was first installed due to discoloration issues.


For this project, Arkema partnered with APV Engineered Coatings, with Arkema supplying the Kynar Aquatec® PVDF-based latex for the NeverFade® paint produced by APV Engineered Coatings.  This field-applied paint and its warranty will protect the Torii Gate and its vibrant colors at least the next 15 years. 

Forever grateful to all the contributors of the repainting of the Torii Gate

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Arkema’s Ron Partridge made arrangements to visit Honolulu.  His plan was to select a “high profile” commercial, military, or educational facility to be repainted with NeverFade® with Kynar Aquatec® latex as a demonstration of its ability to protect and maintain color in Hawaii’s harsh environment.  Ron toured of a number of facilities and the last stop was the Torii Gate.  Upon seeing the gate, hearing about the history of the gifted gate, and its significance to the community as a gift of peace, Ron immediately recommended the Torii Gate, and APV quickly agreed.  


Ernie Porco and Brandon Bail from APV were instrumental in getting the paint produced and custom tinted for shipment to Hawaii.  All paints and shipping costs for this project were donated by APV.  Painter's Warehouse of Honolulu assisted surface testing and prep work, and training, while Raymond's Painting Company applied the NeverFade® coating free-of-charge.

The Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce stated that they are "forever grateful to all the contributors of the repainting of the Torii Gate".  When you past the Torii Gate, you will have a better appreciation for those that have cared for this beautiful sculpture and the meaning behind it.

The Torii Gate during construction days