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Conrad Weiser High School

Robesonia, PA (completed Fall 2020): Approximately 30,000 ft2 of standing seam metal roof at Conrad Weiser High School were renovated with Kynar Aquatec® PVDF based coating formulated by Acrymax® Technologies, Inc.  While there were no leaks, the original factory finish was chalking and fading with visible signs of corrosion, so a refresh was welcomed before the situation worsened.

The challenge

For long-term cost savings, Muhlenberg Greene Architects sought a coating solution to address their client’s needs now, but also well into the future.  Finding a high-performance, durable coating that will not only last, but is free of maintenance, and is resistant to chalking and color fade, were key challenges. Traditional PVDF coatings, namely Arkema’s Kynar 500® PVDF based coatings, provide these features but they are factory finishes.  A final challenge, the restorative coating needed to have exceptional adhesion as existing factory finishes are notoriously difficult to adhere to.

The solution

The architect's specification called for Acrymax® Technologies Inc.'s coating system based on Kynar Aquatec® PVDF.  A waterborne, field-applied coating system providing the same long-lasting properties as factory finished Kynar 500® PVDF based coating.  The system will provide the architect’s sought after cost savings and solutions for the challenges mentioned above.

Acrymax® PVDF coating system summary

Preparation: metal roof was cleaned and power washed

Primer: Acrymax® Technologies’ PC-125, a DTM, rust inhibitive primer. Provides tenacious adhesion, even to weathered factory finishes.

Finish coats: Acrymax® Technologies’ AF-5500 (color customized to Conrad Weiser’s blue). A Kynar Aquatec® PVDF based coating , providing the ultimate color retention, along with excellent resistance to mold/mildew and dirt-pickup.  Acrymax® AF-5500 is warranted against color fade for10 years.

Kynar Aquatec® licensee: Acrymax Coatings

Since 1951, Acrymax® Technologies has been providing high-performance coating solutions for the building envelope and beyond.  As part of the school district’s larger renovation project, their acrylic elastomeric roof coatings - second to none in the industry - were specified to restore the BUR and EPDM roofs of both schools, for another 15 years (saving the school a significant amount of money). The savings and performance will continue, with the option of a simple recoat in 15 years, Acrymax® Technolgies' coatings can extend the life of the roofs almost indefinitely.