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Since 1949, Seaman Corporation has been a world leader of innovative, high performance coated fabrics. Combining a unique, puncture-resistant fabric construction with a commitment to superior customer service and satisfaction, Seaman Corporation fabrics exhibit incomparable product performance.

Seaman Corporation is known worldwide for the production of high value, high-performance fabrics including FiberTite Roofing Systems, Shelter-Rite® Architectural Fabrics, XR®-Geomembranes, Shelter-Lite® Truck Tarps, XR-Mariner® Inflatable Boat Fabrics as well as collapsible fuel tanks and tent materials for military and government applications.

Kynar® PVDF resin and Shelter-Rite® Architectural Fabrics


  • Shelter-Rite® architectural fabric is protected by a 1 mil thickness of a 70% Kynar® PVDF resin based coating.1.jpeg
  • The high PVDF content is the key difference in our coating compared to other fluoropolymer coatings, which typically contain less than 30 percent fluorine.
  • Kynar® PVDF resin is made up of carbon-fluorine (C-F) bonds.  The C-F bond is one of the strongest known.
  • The alternating C-F bond results in a higher polarity on the surface allowing it to resist environmental degradation, chemicals and dirt accumulation.
  • The very low surface energy and low coefficient of friction of the Kynar® based coating resist soiling as compared to standard fluoropolymer finishes.
  • The lack of dirt accumulation and the non-nutrient value of Kynar®resin to support fungal growth further inhibit mildew development.

Many of the structures designed using Shelter-Rite® architectural fabrics are high profile buildings that have distinctive patterns and shapes. These structures need to maintain their appearance for a long time, and architects and engineers are typically very concerned with color changes or excessive dirt pickup that might affect the visual appeal of the structure.

Read more about the Cleanability and Aesthetics of Architectural Fabrics here.

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