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The Cool Roof France coating

Every summer, we face multiple, intense heat waves. Cities and buildings turn into ovens. 

How can we cool down?

Cool Roof France applies a reflective thermal coating on your roof that allows you to:

  • protect your waterproofing membrane
  • lower the temperature of your building by 15°C
  • save 10% to 40% energy

and, what’s more,

  • it’s profitable: ROI in 3 to 7 years…
  • it’s environmentally-friendly: no VOCs, water-based solvents, less greenhouse gas emissions
  • it’s simple: 5,000m² applied in one week

and… made in France! 

Discover Cool Roof France's Latest Project: Charles De Gaulle Airport

In 2018, Charles de Gaulle Airport (ADP) has taken a step forward and chose to test the concept of saving energy linked to air conditioning thanks to passive cooling: the cool white roofing technology.  A white paint that reflects the sun light waves during sunny periods was applied on the West Pier of the Terminal 2G. Over 1,160 square meter were covered with the CoolRoof paint from the Cool Roof France Company.

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