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Walter Wurdack Inc.

Walter Wurdack Inc. implements specialized architectural finishes through use of Kynar Aquatec® PVDF resin.

Specializing in industrial finishes and coatings since 1938, Walter Wurdack Inc. serves the music, sport, aircraft, cosmetic, and leisure industries. Cleared by the Department of Defense for government projects, Walter Wurdack Inc. is a longstanding member of various national chemical and coating manufacturer associations.

Since 1938, Walter Wurdack has been servicing the manufacturing and business-to-business industries by developing high quality industrial coatings that are ideal in protective and specialty applications. Walter Wurdack Inc. serves multiple industries including specialty-building products. Their customers are considered industry leaders in their respective fields.
Because Wurdack’ s customers demand truly long lasting performance, Wurdack only uses quality ingredients to ensure that the performance meets the expectations of the end users.
For the OEM architectural building products market Walter Wurdack, a licensee of Kynar Aquatec® PVDF since 2009, produces coating systems for window and door applications where resistance to color fading and resistance to chalking is desired by window and door companies.
The unique chemistry of Kynar Aquatec® PVDF Resin along with the formulating expertise of Walter Wurdack results in building products capable of meeting the weathering performance standards AAMA 2605, 615, and 625.
For long lasting performance and beauty in exterior applications, Walter Wurdack has the answer.