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The façade restoration of a 610 Newport Center a Class-A office building in southern California won the 2020 Metal Architecture Design Award in the Renovations and Retrofit category. 

One of the judges, architect Stephen Van Dyck, AIA, LEED AP, partner at LMN Architects in Seattle, noted, “This one is just awesome. They nailed the recreation, the restoration of the design intent. It’s all metal. It’s holistic. It’s the entire project, and they really restored the original intent. I don’t think there’s anything else to say.”

After 45 years of service in extreme coastal climate conditions, the façade of the 18-story office tower was showing signs of extreme weathering and degradation. The Class 1 anodized aluminum finish was severely faded and there were significant shifts in the sheen of the panels. The owner wanted to revitalize the property’s external appearance with a long-term, economical solution. During the restoration, it was of vital importance to minimize disruption of the building’s high-profile tenants, which included mitigating odors and noise.

 Coating contractor Stuart Dean Company used NeverFade® Metal Restoration Coating with Kynar Aquatec® to give the structure in a clean, new, factory-like finish and a 30-year extended service life. The company is a National Certified Applicator for NeverFade® Coatings made by Akron based APV Engineered Coatings, a licensee of Arkema Inc.'s Kynar Aquatec® technology.

Congratulations to Stuart Dean Company and APV Engineered Coatings on their award and as one of the judges commented, "the pride in doing a job that well."